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About Us

Cadan Design, specialise in the spatial design and coordinated working drawings for the mechanical, electrical and public health services (MEP), since 2004; we have grown to be technically progressive and now provide an extensive range of services.

We are at the forefront of digital engineering (DE), with a large focus on building lifecycle and virtual construction. With our strong MEP background and construction knowledge, we provide projects with data rich compliant BIM models for design and construction, embedded with all the information needed for project delivery and beyond.

Advising clients and building operators on facilities management through BIM and of the possibilities of what to do with BIM Data. We can deliver both projects and data digitally in line with PAS1192, through our BIM based asset management and common data environment (CDE) This allows us to include documentation, handover deliverables, PPM, O&M’s manuals, asset and facilities management data and more.

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Key Services

Cadan Design has grown to provide an extensive range of technical services, we offer our clients a complete BIM package for their modelling and digital construction needs by focusing on:
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    Our knowledge, experience and technical capabilities has enabled us to work alongside some of the UKs largest construction companies, consultants, building operators and private clients. We endeavour to enable clients to fulfil the full potential of each project through BIM. From Design, Build, Implementation, Facilities Management, into Building Lifecycle. We offer solutions to each individual project requirements demonstrating what is possible to achieve through Building Information Modelling. We support clients throughout the project process with our technical capabilities and provide:

    Project coordination
    Strategic advice
    BIM Execution Plans (BEPs),
    Employers Information Requirements (EIRs),
    Asset Information Requirements (AIRs)
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    Our primary services, revolve around our creation of highly detailed, coordinated and multi-disciplined BIM models. These are considered virtual building prototypes, that can be viewed and appraised at every phase, continually evolving with the project changes and requirements. From these 3D models, we can provide multiple BIM processes, including:

    Multi disciplinary modelling,
    MEP spatial coordination,
    Construction drawings,
    MEP offsite fabrication,
    Model auditing and checking,
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    We specialise in Information and Documentation delivery, along with Digital Asset and Facilities Management through BIM. We execute projects in line with the level 2 requirements and deliver through IFC & Information Exchange including, COBie, HVACie and SPie. Our software tools allow us to impart rules, standards and measurement for consulting within BIM projects, enabling BIM Auditing and IFC configuration and validation.

    Project data delivery support
    Data and document management
    Asset & Facilities Management
    Common Data Environment
    Federated and validated COBie data
    IFC and COBie support

Services A-Z

Alongside these, we also offer our clients a full comprehensive range of services for their project needs and requirements.
Architectural Modelling
Asset management (6D)
Asset Information Modelling
Augmented Reality

Building design
Building Information Modelling (BIM)
Building Services Coordination
BIM Data

Cost Integration (5D)
Classification System Integration

Digital Engineering
Digital Services
Digital Plan of Works
Digital Operations Manuals
Digital Facilities Models
Documentation Management
Electrical Modelling

Facilities Management Integration
Fabrication Drawings

Geographic Information Systems

IFC Industry Foundation Class
Information Exchange
Installation Drawings

Laser scanning

Manufacturer content libraries
Mechanical Modelling
Modular Pre-fabrication (MEP)
Modular Pre-fabrication (ARC)

New Rules of Measurement (NRM1&2)
Operations & Maintenance data

Parametric Content
Project Management
Public Health Modelling

Quantification (Model Based)

Software Development
Specialist Technical Services
Structural Modelling
Sustainable Building Design
Spatial Coordination

Time integration (4D)

Virtual Reality
Virtual Construction


Below are some of the projects we have been involved in.

In-line with PAS 1192-5:2015 Specification for Security minded BIM, digital built environments and smart asset management, we make every effort not to disclose information, and do not label any of our projects for identification.

Progressive BIM

Our work and research into Industry Foundation Class data schemas, along with our continuing commitment to be at the forefront of BIM has led us to naturally progress to provide software development.
We have used the latest and best technologies to create a platform and common data environment – Oporo - a cloud based solution for BIM projects to be constructed, handed over and life cycled managed. The Oporo platform is a highly scalable solution for to deliver and maintain through BIM

In conjunction with platform, the Oporo IFC Viewer is a FREE to use desktop application to view geometry and data contained within IFC files, along with data export tools for exporting COBie from IFC in multiple formats.


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  • Copyright © 2017 All rights reserved Designed by Cadan Design Limited Images and content on this site are property of Cadan Design, no replication in any part is permitted without prior written consent.



At Cadan design we are always looking for talented individuals to join our team. We are interested in professional specialists in building information modelling, digital engineering, coordination, visualisations and building lifecycle please Email: Note to join our suppliers list, please use the same email.