Power Station

Role: Coordination, Completed: 2022, Client: Vital Energi

A district heating system with a dedicated “Power Station” supplying low temperature hot water to a new housing development.

The design had an initial 6 boiler, 6KW district heating system, 1 CHP engine and 2x 167,000-litre thermal stores. The installation must allow for a future upgrade to a 12-boiler system, additional 167,000-litre thermal store, 3 CHP engines and up to 14 residential floors above.

As part of our process, we coordinated all services and the entire building from entry point to termination, this included the total re-configuration of the energy centre plantroom. Our improved scheme allowed for superior maintenance and access space to all equipment, along with improved plant removal scheme and fire escape routes. A reduction of around 60% was made on the main flow and return headers and this was supported by a new steel frame designed by us and manufactured by a specialist. The reconfiguration also allowed for the flues to be rerouted within the plantroom enabling the services to be taken off the front facade and now be concealed from outside view. we worked closely with our client’s project team to provide all the necessary drawings for the phase 5 construction and phase 6 handover periods.

• Value Engineering
• Improved layout scheme
• Improved plant removal scheme
• Improved CDM coordination
• Reduction in services lengths
• Saving on installation time
• Coordination
• Installation Drawings
• Prefabrication

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