Role: Stage 6 modelling, Information Managers, Cost: £125 Million, Client: Bouygues UK

Cadan Design were privileged to be engaged by one of the UK top 5 construction companies to deliver the ‘As Built’ and’ Asset Information Models’, including COBie data on this prestigious venture.

With multiple parties inputting into a federated data, the inherited model proved difficult to work with, hindered by the magnitude of unnecessary information embedded within each family. During the project time, we interrogated the existing data set, auditing and checked and where necessary remodelled services and content throughout, including equipment for distribution systems throughout. This enabled us to control the data and parameters in a way as to ensure unnecessary data was absent from the models. With the MEP model now containing over 80,000 detailed objects in 350 types - 18,000 maintainable assets were identified and embedded with the IFC data. To enhance the automatic export, the MEP systems where fully connected with 2100 electrical circuits connected from transformer, through distribution to each socket and object, producing 175 distribution board schedules and over 200 mechanical systems. With the MEP model the main deliverable, throughout out the project the model was completed by us using COBie as the main data deliverable and constantly being approved by the client. Using a combination of inhouse tools and readily available software, we ensured that production was completed as per project requirements. Upon completion of the MEP model, we engaged the other trade files, ensuring compliancy through IFC. We undertook responsibility for 4 additional specialist trade models and ensuring their compliancy and Cadan Design accountable for the data deliverables of this project.

• Asset Information Modelling
• Data auditing
• Completed systems modelling
• As Built Laser Scanning
• Delivery through IFC
• Information Management
• 9 COBie models

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